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Landing in Viterbo

finally- I get to add this entry

rain 30 °C

A french flight attendant walked up and down the aisle of Air France flight 503. In seat 24a sat an excited seventeen year old, frantically paging through an italian dictionary trying to find out how to say "pleased to meet you" in italian. That girl was me and this was two weeks ago.

Its funny how much your life can change in just one flight. Immediately after we landed in viterbo, I was greeted by signore scanlon, the School Year Abroad program director. Immediately he started rambling on in Italian. Bene. I was already feeling like an idiot in my first few minutes upon landing. But in a sense, that was ok because I was with 60 other kids who felt the same way. When we hurried over to baggage claim, we were suprised to find that everyone had their bags... except 8 of us, including me. The other SYAers left the airport twenty minutes after arrival whereas the unfortunate eight waited for four hours for our suitcases to come... but they never did. Eventually we gave up, boarded a train for Viterbo, and quizzed Signore Scanlon on all of the thousands of cultural differences, shopping streets, and the way of life in Viterbo. He was very amused with how much we were asking and kept on repeating.... "Noi siamo divertenti, noi americani. "
We are very interesting, we americans.

Even though I've only been in this small city of viterbo for about two weeks now, I've learned that not only are we Americans interesting, we are highly entertaining. We walk too fast, talk too fast, and eat too little by italian standards. We are apparently obsessed with clocks, and we supposedly all of us have a group of friends that are identical in personalities to those of the TV show "Friends" Mamma mia.

Our school is on the main street in Viterbo. Via Cavour. Via Cavour is not only home to "la scuola americani", but to many different negozi ( stores, shops),and Caffe Bagaglino. Caffe Bagaglino is home to my new favorite drink. Cappuchino with a dash of Nutella. The Italians would call it " Buonissimo." very tasty. It makes my old coffee concoction seem like a juice box. Take that starbucks.

Every single morning before school I head on over to Caffe Cavour for my morning cappuchino. Augusto ( the owner of caffe cavour) already has my cappuchino waiting for me upon my arrival, and ]il corriere di Viterbo,Italian newspaper which I pretend to read.

For lunch, my friends and I will wander the small cobblestone streets of viterbo, barely missing getting hit by all of the cars and vespas that ignore the stop signs, cross walks, and ESPECIALLY the non existant speed limits. Now I truly understand what one of my cousins told me before I left. " Only in Italy you will see someone riding a vespa, talking on their cell phone, and smoking all at the same time."

Currently I am sitting in my school computer lab, on a quick coffee break. And yes, we actually do have a break during the school day where we are allowed 15 minutes to grab an espresso, or use the computers. God I love italy.

Last Sunday, a group of my italian friends decided to make us dinner. Claire, Kristen, and I played foosball while Andrea, Federico, Giacomo, and Riccardo dawned on aprons and made us pasta. American guys definitely have a lot to learn.

Allora, this is what my life has been like for the past two weeks. Its funny how much you can fall in love with a place after being there for such a short time. I have no idea what tomorrow and even this afternoon will bring, but I can definitely be sure that I'll have fun while experiencing this georgeous, medieval city of Viterbo.



Posted by Jenna M 10:01

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