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come stai? Che succede?

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My alarm clock went off and I jolted awake. As I lay there, staring at the white ceiling of my bedroom, I realized that I woke up as an eighteen year old American girl, living in italy. Its kind of crazy how life can hit you sometimes.

First of all, sorry that I havent updated this blog in literally forever. Thanks to uncle dave for reminding me of that.

ALLORA, ( all right) so here's whats been going on.

I've been eighteen for almost two weeks now and absolutely loving it. My birthday was excellent, complete with a TIRAMISU birthday cake made by my host mother, an fabulous party with my american friends, and all of the wonderful wishes and presents from home. Thanks guys.
School has been going well and (drumroll) I just completed my johns hopkins college application. Its a big relief knowing that now, everything is in someone else's hands.
Right now I am sitting in our school's "salone" which is basically our big common room. The noise in the background is a mixture of italian and english. Recently there was a great exodus to the computer lab to check email, but generally the mood on this halloween day is pretty calm. Everyone's relieved. We've all just finished the first quarter and many seniors just finished their first round of college apps.

So guess what guys? Im taking a fresco painting class. Thats right. fresco painting.
My whole philosophy here in italy is to do everything that Ive never done before. And Im absolutely loving the experiences Im having.

A couple weeks ago we went on a two day hike around lago di bolsena. (lake bolsena). We walked through vineyards and stole grapes, hiked through forests, swam in the lake, took a ferry to a couple of islands, and slept at a bed and breakfast.

Last thursday my host family and I decided that we were going to go to dinner at a pizzeria abotu 15 minutes away from town. We all piled into the italian suv (which is about the size of a mini cooper) and set off to the pizzeria. Once we were seated at the pizzeria, the waiter informed us that they weren't serving pizza tonight. Pizzeria romana doesnt serve pizza. "interessante"

So then we all get back in the car and go to a pizzeria in another town. We all get out of the car again and go inside. We sit down at a table, and then the waiter comes out and asks " why are you here?" we all say " we're here for pizza. this is a resturant yes?" he then says, " its thursday evening, we're tired. go somewhere else." The funny thing is, this is a normal occurence in italy. Sometimes people just get sick of working, so they dont work. Certainly this isnt strange.
The third resturant that we went to served pizza, wasnt closed, and after they heard about our troubles, gave us free gelato.

I was proposed to last friday. I was walking on my way home from school and a random italian man got down on one knee and said " will you marry me? Only you can save me!" I apologized and told him that he wasnt really my type. He was quite hurt.:)

This morning I woke up to the sound of the jack johnson cd that I made for my host family. I found my host mother in the kitchen dancing with my host brother to the sound of the song "upside down." When I said "buongiorno" (good morning), my host brother looked at me and said " what animal is it?" in english. I smiled at him and told him his pronunciation was excellent, and he told me I was a "cool dude." Its one of those memories that I know im not going to forget.

Yesterday I went for a walk around the city. I spent about 2 hours just taking in the sights of the town. I ended up sitting on the steps of the old papal palace, and spent some time looking out at the walled city of viterbo.

It's kind of amazing isnt it?

I love you all. I need your addresses so I can send postcards and other goodies from italy. Unfortunately, I cant send tiramisu.
- jenna

Posted by Jenna M 03:32

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